WordPress Maintenance & Support

We understand that the journey does not end when we deliver. We are here to support you and your team throughout the change management of the digital interface, so that you and your team understand the functional semantics of the new interface without any hassle. We are here to go over and highlight any changes we have made so that you can be comfortable with the new design and functionality behind it. 

Aside from a comprehensive post-delivery change discussion, we provide a whole array of services for maintenance and support to ensure that your website is running smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year! We are available round-the-clock with the following services:

WordPress Maintenance Services

Monthly WordPress core and plugin updates

We understand that these updates can be daunting when appeared under admin notifications, and we are here to help you navigate through it. 

Security scanning and support

We can help with the regular scanning for viruses and malware on your website as well as a detailed support plan on what can be done to remove it, if discovered. 

Hosting liaison

We can provide cloud-based hosting options so that your website it on a secure platform and can be backed-up regularly. 

Uptime monitoring

We provide solutions for uptime and monitoring reports, with global coverage for a daily, weekly and monthly view to meet your business requirements.

Secondary backups

We understand what a threat it is to the business when all information is lost. As such, we provide secondary backup solutions for your website to ensure smooth operations year-round. 

Automated image compression

The quality of images presented on your website impacts how your business functions. We understand the value of this, and provide automated image compression services to improve the quality of your website’s images which results in improving your website’s overall performance!

Crisis resolution

In this digital world, e-Commerce platforms are prone to cyberattacks or other forms of digital threats. Fret not, as we provide a full disaster recovery plan from backup and maintain a library of your website’s assets, graphics and code. 

WordPress Website Support Services 

Software Updates

If you encounter a software update on your premium e-Commerce management platforms, and you’re unsure about how to navigate it or roll it out, then come to us! We have experts available online, on the phone or in person who can guide you through this. 

Database Optimisation

We understand that running a business website overtime can be different from when its launch. The customer management system records were relatively empty at the start, and there was a lot of data flying around, but enough of which you could handle. As your business grows, the data associated and generated with it grows. We are here to help provide support on how you can manage the database better with all this new and growing data, and how you can optimise it better to meet your business requirements. 

Support & Edits

We provide support in bug fixing, problem reporting, which is essentially the fixing of broken scripts, website edits, revisions, updates or creating new content on existing pages based on requests. We provide support in creating new graphics and icons and can help in changing the CSS style and code, when needed. 

Telephone website support

We offer advice and guidance on website management and optimisation and potential performance improvements for your websites. We provide consultations and documentation for project enhancements, and our expert practitioners are happy to provide you with a free consultation on the phone. 

As business owners ourselves, we have been in your shoes, and we understand the challenges you face as a business owner in this digital market. Our team of professionals are ever-ready to help! So call us, and let’s have a chat about your company website!